The Seven Day Warning Strike Set To Commence

Today, Aug. 24th 2015, marks the day when members of the academic staff of the Federal College of Education, Kano, embark on a one-week industrial action to make it clear that they are not amused by the Federal Government’s decision to revert the Federal College of Education its former status.


Three days ago, i.e. on Aug. 21st 2015, the Federal Government made the big decision to not upgrade the Federal College of Education, Kano, to University of Education. The members of the staff union accused the provost of incapacitating the upgrade of the institution.


Dr. Rabi Jubirila, the Provost of the College, confirmed the directive from the Federal Government to revert the institutions to its former status.


According to Rabi, the letter received yesterday from the Federal Government, specifically cited two major issues, directing that by the copy of the letter, you are directed to reverse the school to its original status.


The letter also mentioned that, “you are directed to continue to administer the college as Federal College of Education and as the Provost of the College with all right and privilege.


Dr. Rabi declared that all the allegations that the provosts of the colleges crafted the withdrawal of the university status as baseless. To seal his denial he uttered that the four Provosts cannot be powerful to influence the Federal Government’s decision.

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